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The beautiful thing about Google Inbox vs Gmail is that Inbox lets you snooze Emails and see them at a later date.  It is better than you having to program an alarm on your phone to remind you of something many days weeks or months later.

I love the fact that all my emails are sorted into “Low priority” and “Social”.  Inside the Social section, you can see Youtube, Facebook and all of your other social emails.

Another pro is that Inbox is very fast compared to Gmail, I just love using Inbox on my Note 4 Samsung android phone.  I ended up uninstalling the Gmail app and replaced it with Inbox.

The only downside to using Inbox is that it doesn’t support themes (the default theme is good enough for me).

Some people are complaining that they can’t find a way to create an Email signature in Google Inbox–here is a quick tutorial on how to do just that.

In Android

Tap on the top left corner with the 3 Dash lines > tap on settings > then tap on your email address > and finally tap on Signature settings.  You will have to switch the tab to on in order to turn on Signatures.  This should also work for the iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod app.

In PC via Chrome browser

Click on settings in lower left corner > Click on Signature > and finally you will see the option to turn Signatures on and add your own signature in there.

Here is a table put together by Scott Greenstone and that goes into depth on Inbox and what needs work.

New Feature
What was done right
What needs work
Open sign-ups
  • Anyone with an or Google Apps account can now use Inbox without an invitation
  • Should no longer require activation on a mobile device
  • Open Inbox by Gmail to other domains, bring on the masses
Trips bundle
  • Grouping trip related emails has been executed beautifully
  • Imagery and quick at-a-glance info readily available at the right times
  • Add the ability to add emails to a Trips Bundle
  • Add ability to turn off Trips Bundle
Undo send
  • Not requiring a lab feature to be installed/turned on
  • Included in mobile
  • Add the ability to set pre-determined Undo time frames (5/10/15/30 seconds)
Suggested reminders in email
  • This feature is a great addition to the existing Assists that Inbox already had
  • I have not found any issues or lacking functionality in this new feature
Pinned main menu
  • Ability to hide the menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines on the top left
  • I have not found any issues or lacking functionality in this new feature
Updated Inbox Zero Graphic
  • Nice clean design
  • Add ability to have multiple options
  • Add the ability to have custom background
Action when done with message
  • Easier delete functionality for users
  • Opt in or out
  • Defaulted to opt out
  • Provide clear warning to users when opting in that messages will be unrecoverable from trash after 30 days
  • Add sticky warning message in Trash bundle that messages will be removed automatically after 30 days
  • Allow different settings for different devices Done on phone versus Trash on desktop/web
Keep Reminders in Inbox
  • Now all Google reminders can be seen in one location/program
  • Add ability to edit Keep reminders in Inbox
  • Add ability to not show Keep Reminders in Inbox*
  • Add ability to not show Now reminders in Inbox*
  • Increased notification time displayed on screen via settings toggle to 30 seconds
  • Add ability to choose predetermined time frames (5/10/15/30 seconds)
  • Welcome addition
  • Add ability for multiple signatures for different Send As accounts
  • Add HTML and Image capabilities
  • Add ability to use Web signature on Android, similar to how the iOs Gmail app functions
  • Add ability to not include signatures on replies

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