7 Must-Have Apps for Your iPad Mini

7 must have apps for ipad mini It was a revolution of the sorts when Apple introduced iPad mini. While iPad is quite cumbersome to carry on and work with on a daily basis, its miniature version is both – easily portable and quite soft on the pocket. As a result, the compact gadget has got a cult following for its own. There is a wide range of iPhone App Development companies, which develop apps perfectly compatible with iPads and even other platforms like Android etc. In order to further intensify your iPad mini experience, here are the 7 apps which you must download and keep. Use these apps to gain significant value out of your iPad mini and smooth track your life. Have a look at these apps to know more:

  1. Paper by FiftyThree

It is a free app available in the iStore and allows the users to capture the very best of their creativity, in terms of designing pictures, sketches and notes etc. If you have a bit of artistic inclinations, this is the app for you, as it would allow you to draw, sketch, and create a character while on the fly. And not just that, you can even share whatever you create on a host of social networking sites and hence initiate a discussion on the same and get feedbacks etc. The unique features of this quite a scintillating app, is that not only will the app help you to pass time and foster your hobby, but will also give wings to the dormant creative potential suppressed inside you. 2.       Iphoto   And while we are talking about designs and pictures, we would like to ascertain whether or not you have this amazing image handling app. With the help of iPhoto, the users can easily manage and edit their pictures, and owing to the cloud based computing, the edited images are made available to every iOS platform that you use. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? 3.       InstaPaper If you are just browsing through the internet, as one often do in the time of leisure, and come across a web page which you would like to revisit perhaps later, since you are in no mood for some hardcore mind activity, this app will take care of the same. The app saves all the web pages for you to revisit them at a later stage. Consider if you were reading something interesting, but got distracted in between with some other work, this app will ensure that you don’t lose track of the link. 4. Kindle Are you amongst the ones who had a hard time deciding between buying either iPad Mini or Kindle, perhaps Kindle fire, and almost got your heart half broken when you bought iPad mini instead? Then this is the app that will rekindle your heart. – Pun intended! With Kindle in place, you would be able to download and read all the books from Amazon. So what are we waiting for? Dive in to the unimaginably vast world of literature, with the help of this app and your iPad mini. 5 . Google Search App   God bless Google for answering most of our questions and being there in the time of need. Now you can bring the Google search engine in your iPad Mini screen just by downloading this one app. Along with the conventional means of searching, this app allows you to search through Google with your voice as well. Based on the GPS location the app provides you with the best and the most focused results. 6.       Skype     No offences here, but there is hardly got to be anyone who has not yet used Skype to talk to overseas or with distant friends and family members. Skype is a free video calling app available for download in the iStore and it allows you to easily connect with the people you want to, at any point in time. Why would you rather blow up your balance, talking to a distant friend or cousin? Rather just download this high quality video calling app, and have a face to face talking experience. 7.       App of the Day   If you are constantly eyeing for this one particular app to go free, then simply download App of the Day and it will let you know what all paid apps are available for free. A lot of developers provide their paid apps for free during a specific period of time. A better solution than to keep on checking the pages to see if the app goes free would be to just download this one app and relax. Entire information regarding the free paid apps will be available to you on the home screen.   In the present day where one can hire mobile development company to come up with highly significant and cross platform compliant iPhone and iPad apps, it is about time you utilized the same, to upgrade your iPhone experience. Let us know what you felt about the apps that we shortlisted for you, in the comments box below. Steve Graham is a guest blogger for Techlivewire.com and is a celebrated author who has been writing for the iOS developers India outsourcing niche for over 3 years. At present, he is associated as an online marketing pro with a world-class mobile development company .