All of the Google servicesI use don’t annoy me, except for Google Voice.  Most people are used to answering their phones on the first ring, and here Google thinks that you may be a spammer just because you answered too fast.  If a person has their Google voice number tied to their T-mobile or local land line ,and verified it.  Google voice should not be playing that annoying message when a person picks up a call on the first ring.  This is especially annoying for us android users who have to physically switch from the call screen to the dialer screen just to be able to press 1. Imagine if you are driving, and Google voice gives you that annoying message.  It is a safety risk for you to look at your screen and switch to the dialer side just so you can press one to confirm you are not a spammer. What’s even worse is that you may get a ticket from police for inattentive driving if they see you looking at your smart-phone while driving, which in turn will lead to high auto insurance rates. Google really seriously needs to fix this as it is annoying a lot of people.