That fake FBI warning ransomware that everyone hates and which made a Youtube video about, actually helped make a real arrest.  The FBI ramsomware warns the user that “illegal or Child porn” has been found on their PC, and they must pay a fine to unlock their PC.  In this real life case, a man actually had real child pornography on his PC, and he visited the local police station to get help with the ransomware infection.  Isn’t this ironic? Below is a link to remove the FBI fake virus for Mac.  For windows, see my youtube video here Most people who get a virus would simply go to their local PC store for help, but a Woodbridge man faces child pornography charges after he received an “FBI Warning” message on his computer, and brought it to police. Jay Matthew Riley went to the Garfield station July 1 asking if he had warrants on file for child pornography after he said an “FBI Warning” message on his computer said he needed to pay a fine or a criminal investigation would begin, Prince William police spokesman Jonathan Perok said. Read more of the story here Jay Matthew Riley Prince William police Jay Matthew Riley,