drastic nds best settings and compatible games The answer to this is no, but it looks like they will start development on it soon. It looks like they are going to start coding soon: http://www.3dbrew.org/wiki/Main_Page In the meantime enjoy the Drastic Emulator on your smart-phone like Galaxy S4 or HTC One.  Below are best settings, compatible games and ones that are not working. I have played New Super Mario bro’s and it plays very smooth. Compatible: -Pokemon White and Black -Mario Kart -New Super Mario Bross. -Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul silver/platinum/diamond…. -Pokemon Ranger -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon -Blue Dragon : Awakened Shadows -Sonic Colors -Pokemon White 2 or Black 2 (U) (use my urscheat) -Dig dug : digging strike -Digimon world dawn -Shin megami tensei devil survivor -Final fantasy XII : Revenant Wings -Dragon Quest IX -Legend of Zelda : The spirit track -Fire emblem: Shadow Dragon -Adventure Time -Bleach: Dark Souls & The 3rd Phantom -Call of Duty: Black Ops -Marvel Super Hero’s -Mega Man ZX Advent -Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Destiny 2, Shinobi Retsuden 3 & Shinobi Rumble -New Super Mario Bros. -Pokemon: Black, SoulSilver & Platinum -Sonic Colors -TMNT -Ultimate Mortal Kombat Not Fully: -Pokemon White 2 or Black 2 (I) (J) ( but with blue screen (you can’t save) but it runs perfectly) (but it works with a modified usrcheat.dat with a bluescreenfix) Not working: -Pokemon Conquest Recommended settings config: Frameskip: Auto 3 or 1 Filter: Linear Multi-hreaded 3d rendering: off (because when i play pokemon white i have weird color when i encounter a wild pokemon) Sound: on Latency: Low Always show star and select: on disable meny+back button: on Show fps: on