2010 camry cluck click noise annoying My 2010 Camry frequently Jerked when coming to a stop.  When downshifting while coming to a stop, the tranny actually Jerked which annoyed me. I discovered that newer year Camry’s like mine have an electronic transmission so it times things.  As soon as I replaced my tires which had very low thread wear, the Jerking stopped. I think having low thread on your tires can cause Jerks like that, because the electronic tranny may not time things so well. Another problem that I have noticed is the loud scratching/clicking type noise that happens only when I start my car after it has been parked for longer than 30 minutes or hours.  This only happens when car speed hits 10mph. I have done some investigating on why it makes this noise only after starting and not while driving around, and I have found out that it does it because 2010 or newer models use hard plastic for the front exhaust cover.  When this hard plastic is heated by the hot exhaust from engine, it expands and gives this click/cluck noise. Toyota should consider making such noises very low as people will think something is wrong with their ca