This error happens with Gateway computers and various other computers.  It appears manufacturers are not OS friendly and don’t make it easy for people to install Linux and other operating systems.

Linux boot error fix

I tried going into Bios and ensuring legacy boot support is enabled and disabled secured boot, but I still got the same error after I installed Linux Mint and Elementary OS.  These Linux distros just would not boot after I installed them from the Live USB stick.

I finally figured out that the fix was to select UEFI boot during the live USB boot menu.  If you select regular boot in the linux live usb or live USB, you will be able to boot the distro via the USB stick and install–but you won’t be able to boot without a USB stick.  Some BIOS are smarter than others and can boot things just fine without you having to choose the UEFI boot option.

You need to ensure that you have disabled Secure boot and enabled Legacy Launch CSM.