If you ever are in need of free Wifi and all Signals near you are locked with passwords–look for a signal that says WifiRSU_bb123 (I used the bb123 as an example).  This is a CLEAR Wifi signal for the home modem internet service.   Although CLEAR is not as fast as a CenturyLink DSL or Cable Cable service, it still allows you to surf just fine, and it can also be bypassed.

Wifi Hack CLEAR Wireless

Now to bypass it do this–Look at and make note of the part that comes after the underscore in the SSID.  An example is, bb777.   Now connect to the Wifi Signal and for the password enter 884bb777–you should subtitute the bb777 for whatever that comes after the underscore in the Wifi Signal.  If this doesn’t work, try 882 and then whatever that comes after the underscore.  I tested this technique and it has worked for me a lot of times, and unless Sprint which now owns CLEAR pushes an update or sends people new boxes–this security flaw will continue to exist.  A person who owns a CLEAR router can reset the password via typing or whatever the default gateway I.P. is (you can find this out by typing CMD in run via Start Menu and then typing ipconfig in the black DOS like prompt) and the CLEAR router password will be same as the Wifi password or CLEAR123.

Keep in mind it may be illegal to hack into Wifi signals and each state has their own laws.  For more information on Wifi hacking visit my other article that goes into depth on this matter.  http://techlightspeed.com/742/best-ways-to-bypass-wifi-captive-portal-signals.html