Apple added a new “Low Power Mode” to their latest mobile operating system; iOS9. When your iPhone reaches 20%–it will ask if you want to activate “Low Power Mode“, but you can enable this feature manually any time you want by entering on Settings > Battery .

What Low Power Mode does?

Low Power Mode set ups your iPhone settings automatically to save battery power by reducing the screen brightness, disabling automatic fetching for new Mail, the apps can detect when Low Power Mode is active they disable animations and other features that use background fetching reducing unnecessary power drain. When you active Low Power Mode your battery icon will be yellow.

ios 9 low power mode

Save Battery without using Low Power Mode:

Even though Low Power Mode help you save battery power, you shouldn’t have this feature enabled all the time, it could damage you battery.  But I will tell you what you can you do to save battery power:

Background App Refresh: Background refresh is one of the things that drain battery of your phone, you can disable Background App Refresh completely, or you can disable Background App Refresh for individual applications by opening Settings > Background App Refresh.

Screen Brightness: Enable auto brightness, it will adjust the screen brightness depending on the light of the environment your are at the moment. The higher your brightness is on your phone the more power it uses– or you can can adjust brightness manually by opening Settings > Display & brightness.

Mail Fetching: This feature automatically checks for new mail, and forces your iPhone to  download information. You can set up Mail fetching Manually, or automatically opening Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars.

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