Majority of the Applications needs to install folders on different places of your computer hardware in order to work properly, such pictures of buttons, App icons, binary files that makes the app to perform, etc…

I have seen a lot of Mac users Dragging an app to the Trash and click Empty Trash, thinking that will delete an Application completely from their Mac, well wrong. The folders that you didn’t see been install are still in your computer.

I’m going to show you what I use to delete an application properly, including all the folders that you dont see when the application was install.

1. Download & Open: AppCleaner
2. Drag the App you want to delete to the AppCleaner Window:Moderntec-Remove-apps
3. Check mark all the files you want to delete. (I recommend to delete all files, but is all up to you.)
4. Click Remove.
5. Authenticate as an Administrator.

Congratulations, the application you wanted to removed is now completely uninstall from your computer.