In most cases, I do not recommend using using the new Microsoft Edge browser that comes with Windows 10. The browser occasionally and unexpectedly reloads pages containing text boxes.

Edge Browser vs Chrome pros and Cons

Although Google Chrome is better in a lot of ways compared to Edge browser or Spartan Browser (whatever they call it).  The one advantage that Edge browser has over Chrome–is that it plays flash better in my opinion.  Flash is becoming outdated, but a lot of schools and sites still use it.  HTML5 is the successor to Flash.

I have noticed that the flash player wasn’t playing audio in Chrome when my friend loaded up her online assignment that was in a flash presentation format.  When she tried the same online presentation on Edge browser, it worked just fine consistently.

Both browsers have pros and cons.

  • Edge browser can’t open Whatsapp on the web, but Chrome opens it just fine.
  • Edge browser uses low memory while Chrome uses high CPU.
  • Chrome has ability to add Adblock while Edge browser isn’t supported by Adblock yet.  There is an alternative if you wish to block ads on Microsoft Edge.  Edge Browser Adblock is a standalone ad blocker program.  Visit official site to learn more.

For more Pros and Cons visit the below site.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome: Which Browser is Lighter and Faster