You don’t have to dig deep in your pockets and pay hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars to have a pro menu designed for your new restaurant and cafe or existing ones.  The new trend these days is to have a Smart Tv Menu for your Cafe or Restaurant.  TV prices are getting cheaper and more businesses are using digital menus for their restaurants and cafes.  All you need is a TV that allows playing media from a USB stick, or a Smart TV which is guaranteed to support USB media playback.  Some TV’s have a USB port but that doesn’t mean they can read images or videos, so make sure you ask the store about this feature when you are buying the TV.

If you want an animated menu for your restaurant that can play different scenes in different parts of the screen.  I would suggest you use Digital Signage

If you want an easy to use online menu maker for your restaurant or coffee shop.  I would go with Canva which has many different templates for different kinds of restaurants and Coffee Shops.  If you run an Asian restaurant, you will really like the Asian menu template you have.  The best part of Canva is that you edit everything online, and no need to download anything at all.  You can upload your own logos and use various kinds of fonts.  They even have a lot of high quality images you can use, but the images cost a $1.  Everything but the images is free so if you come with your own photos, you will be fine.

Below is a Menu I made for Hanan restaurant, and all I did was throw the final PNG photo–which I downloaded from Canva into the USB flash drive and Voila! the TV displays the menu just fine.  Everyone who comes to Hanan Cafe can see the menu on the Smart TV.  The only downside to having a TV menu is that you have to go to Devices > Media and select the image of the menu every time that you want to display the menu on the TV everytime you open your business, or you can just have TV on and keep it displayed on the screen 24/7.  Just don’t do it on a Plasma TV because the image will burn in on the Plasma TV.

Here is a Samsung Smart TV that is 40″ which can be great for displaying Menu’s. and that is affordably priced at just $319.

Make a free Menu for my restaurant or Coffee shop.