People need to report Metro PCS to the FBI so they can get shut down because the sheer amounts of complaints of their poor quality service is mind boggling.   My cousins are using their service now and they keep telling me that the tower signal goes away, and calls disconnect frequently.

Metro PCS sucks is horrible no symbol

Metro PCS leases their service from T-Mobile towers and T-Mobile service is always great.  It appears Metro PCS is purposely disconnecting people frequently so they can save on minutes.  Another thing that is terrible about their service is the internet.  People pay over $45 and think they are getting a decent amount of internet speed for the Gig they paid for, but in reality they are getting slow throttled speeds that are nowhere near LTE speeds.

They only care about getting a new customer, and not that customers continued satisfaction.  I would stay clear of Metro PCS if you are thinking of signing up.  If you already signed up, make sure you report them to Better Business Bureau and state department of Commerce for deceptive practices.  I hope they get a class action law suit against them for the thousands of people they are screwing over.

The horrible service and poor reception is no coincidence.  You can climb a building and you will see the same thing, because they purposely designed it to do that so they can save on a lot of load on the tower since they have to pay T-Mobile for the tower.

Just read the complaints and you will understand.