The fingerprint screen unlock is a nice way to securely unlock your phone screen without having to enter any pins.  Your fingerprint may not get recognized correctly by your Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus or Fingerprint scanner enabled smartphone .  Here are some tips to fix the issue.

Samsung fingerprint scanner fix LG Sony Motorola V10 iPhone

  1. Make sure your finger isn’t wet, because liquids on the fingerprint scanner interfere with the scanner attempting to sense your finger print.
  2. Just like an actual real fingerprint you would do for a background check, make sure you cover the whole thumb print area of your finger on the sensor.
  3. Cleaning the scanner before taking your print is also very helpful.
  4. Another thing you can do is clear cache of your android phone.  You can do this by booting into recovery mode and clearing cache or using an app that can clear cache and Dalvik cache.
  5. Another thing you can consider is to update your Android system via official over the air update or a complete factory reset of your phone.  The iPhone, HTC A9,  LG V10, Oppo, Motorola and other smart phones with fingerprint readers all allow factory reset and OTA updates.