In the small world outside of my office, I run into a lot of people curious about the technological side of my life, and how I manage to keep things running, even while I’m not home.
And they are absolutely shocked to hear the word automation. They immediately think of JARVIS or HAL running my life for me. And I chuckle every time their eyes get as large as dinner plates.

In all reality, my job is really a task list I have to go through every day, and the automation keeps a lot of distractions out of my way. I won’t go into detail here, I’ll just say it’s REALLY great.

Once that discussion has been had, they mention A.I. and how they are going to take over the world. Again, I chuckle and ask them what it is they do, and as long as it’s not something factory related, or something mundane as a call-center rep (not saying they aren’t demanding jobs, just call prompts are becoming common practice now,) I let them know that they have a minimal risk of losing their jobs to a machine, at least for the near future.

But I DID find this infographic I thought you guys would like to see. Tell me what you think in the comments about jobs being replaced, and which you think will be first! (Granted it is based off UK standards, but it’s still applicable)