As a developer, I’ve always been attracted to the idea of numbers and what they can and do represent. Numeronyms are the coolest thing I’ve found this week, and I mean it. Numeronyms are used to abbreviate long words, making them easier to type out.


There isn’t a strict rule, but the typical numeronym takes the first and last character, and then counts the number of characters between them. So for instance, techlightspeed becomes t12d, which just sounds awesome.



It is said that Jan Scherpenhuizen, whose name was said to be too long, was given an email account with the username, s12n, by the system admin at DEC. The approach was found interesting and was implemented to abbreviate long words.


I think my personal favorite numeronym is a11y, because it reads ally, but is actually for accessibility, which is a popular term in web design. a11y is there to support people with different kinds of disabilities, or d10s. :)