We are bringing you a list of the top free useful apps & fun games for your iOS 9 9.1 Phone and iPod Touch.

1. Scanbot:

This app has been very useful for me, it could be useful for you to scan any type of physical document. Just take a photo, the app automatically will align the document perfectly and save them as PDFs to make easier for you to save it  &  share with other people.

[Download Scanbot]

2. Here Maps:

Here Maps is a great app if you are planning long trips. This app offers you offline maps and navigations over 100 countries, so you dont have to worry if you lost connection on your way to your destination (I Know how frustrating can that be).

[Download Here Maps]

3.Darkroom – Photo Editor:

This app is a powerful photo editor for you mobile, easy to use and let you edit your images like a pro. You can crop, adjust curves & use default filters or create your own.

[Download Darkroom – Photo Editor]

4. Waze:

Waze is the World’s largest community based traffic and navigation app. The information displayed in this app is base on real time drivers in your area who shares traffic info to save you time and gas money creating the best route to your destination. You also can help others reporting accidents, police traps and other hazards you found on your way.

[Download Waze]

5.SwiftKey Keyboard:

This is a third party keyboard for your iDevice, bringing you new features to make your typing easier. This keyboard can learn the way your typing style and predict the next word, you can change the bg color of the keyboard, it support more than 30 languages.

[Download SwiftKey Keyboard]

6. Periscope:

This app lets you broadcast live video to a close group of friends or to  the  whole world at any time and any place. You can also follow other people to watch their streams. Is a great and easy way to share great moments with other people you want to share.

[Download Periscope]


1. Rayman Adventures:

This is a fun adventures game from the series of Rayman. I used to play this game on my Playstation, Ubisoft made a great job remaking this game for iDevices. I think you will enjoy playing it.

[Download Rayman Adventures]

2. Temple Run 2:

This version of Temple Run features new graphics, new environments, obstacles and new achievements. Making the game way better.

[Download Temple Run 2]

3. Piano Tiles 2:
TechLightSpeed-Moderntec-Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is the sequel to the popular game Piano Tiles (Don’t Tap the White Tile). This Game has a new gameplay and a global competition mode.

[Download Piano Tiles 2]

4. Speed Guess:

On this game you play against real time opponents, you have to guess drawings correctly in the faster time possible. You have 5 rounds to beat your opponent.

[Download Speed Guess]

5. Cut the Rope 2:

The game has new characters, fresh gameplay elements and tricky missions, who would thought that collecting candy was going to be fun.

[Download Cut the Rope]

6. Clash Of Clans:
TechLightSpeed-Moderntec-Clash of Clans

A very fun game, you raise your own army, build your own village to defend it against raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide and create a powerful clan with your friends and others to destroy enemy clans.

[Download Clash Of Clans]