You may have encountered this error and you can’t access the Modules section in Prestashop admin.  That error is a very annoying one because everything else including your website works just fine but that error persists.  You may have also noticed Paypal not working because of this error.  The fix for this is Simple.

[PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file eval()’d code:

Just login to Cpanel and browse to /modules folder in and click on the “Last Modified” tab so you can arrange the modules by date. This will show you Modules that you or another admin recently added. Just delete the last one or last 2 that you added and Voila that error will be gone. What is causing the error is a Bug in the Modules. Developers are not perfect so their modules may break your site. After you delete the most recently added modules, you can go login to Admin and you should be able see the Modules section without any errors.