Windows 10 tools best

1. Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes is not only MY favorite anti-malware application, it’s one of the BEST. Lauded by many of the top tech blogs as a necessity, I have it personally on a flash drive that’s always on my person.

2. Defraggler


Defragging a hard drive…. Something not many casual users know about, but something that is super critical. Now you might be asking why you should use an app over the Windows service, but it’s simple. Defraggler does more than simply defragment your hard drives on your shiny new ASUS Laptop. It gives you a drive map, and a health status to the drive to let you know how well it’s doing. Kind of like going to the doctor…..

3. ShareX


Now with a name like ShareX you’d think it’s some super sharing program, but in reality, it’s a simple one. It takes the joy of the Windows Snipping Tool, and makes it better. You can choose where images are uploaded after capture, you can do full screen capture, or you can do region captures. And then they are automatically uploaded somewhere, and the link is then auto-copied to your clipboard for easy pasting. It’s wonderful.

4. Comodo Firewall


Being one of the free firewalls, I was wary when I was asked to test it out for a friend. But I was impressed with not only the interface, but the capabilities of the application. It’s simply a great tool for monitoring connections and blocking malicious attempts to your computer easily.

5. 7-Zip


7-zip is one of the most lightweight and quickest compression programs I’ve ever used. With a high compression rate, compatibility with zip and gzip, and basically full compatibility with any Windows OS out there, and NO annoying purchase pop-up, I can’t live without 7-zip!