Just as Google warns you regarding using this tool, I too will tell you to be careful with it.  If you ever bought backlinks from Fiverr or any “rr” site, you will most likely need to use this tool.  The reason I say this is because scammers found a trick to make people believe they are getting a lot of high pr backlinks from mainly .info sites, but the reality is that websites can be made to look like they have page rank using some clever tricks that are redirect related.  Buying backlinks is never a good thing, better just let your content have natural shares and Google bot will see.

Google bot disavow tool

Make friends with Google bot!

When using the disavow tool, I would highly recommend you first export the urls from the Google webmaster links section and then paste them all in Excel.  It is best to individually remove sites that you know are legitimate which you do not wish to disavow.  Click on “Download this table” from the external links section.  It should give you the option to save as .CSV

disavow tool Google

Once you save it and either insert a new column to the left of the list of domains–or just copy and paste the whole list to the column to the right.  We want to leave a column to the left empty so that we can add domain: to ensure that when you upload the end result to the disavow tool, it won’t say 0 domains.  There is a glitch where if  domain: doesn’t appear before the domain to be disavowed, it will think it is a URL instead.

In Excel–write the word domain in the first column box on the most top and then you should be able to grab and auto populate the same word down the whole column until you get to the last domain name.  Hit save as .txt file and if Excel shows you a formatting prompt, just click Yes.  The final step is to just upload and submit so the Disavow tool can do its magic.