Tech life hacks are a godsend. They are super useful for taking those long, boring tasks, and making them a cinch to do, by either removing steps, or revolutionizing the task in itself. Here’s 5 I found super useful!
5 LifeHacks tech tips

  1. Probably my favorite is to use non-English characters in my passwords to make them extra difficult to crack.
  2. If you’re like me, and have multiple cloud storage accounts across multiple services, using is a lifesaver. It allows you to manage them all from their service!
  3. My personal work-tool… Video game OSTs/Remixes, specifically GameChops stuff. (Personal Note: Throw that playlist on random, and you’re good for HOURS of music goodness)
  4. Ninite is a LIFE SAVER when you reformat your computer. It allows you to install many MANY useful programs from their single app. It’s a MUST HAVE for any PC repair tech!
  5. Having fun browsing Youtube comments while watching the latest Adele video? Press K from anywhere on the page to automatically pause the video! It’s a great feature I just learned about!