iCloud bypass activation lost phone lock

Officialiphoneunlock.co.uk is a scam.  I knew it was a scam the moment I saw the Youtube video at link below that disabled comments.  Whenever you see a Youtube video with comments disabled and they are asking you to order something or promoting a sale–You should approach with caution.  If they were to enable comments–I am sure a lot of people would report they are not legit.  Here is link to their Youtube video and I am sure Carlos who put that video up works for them (why else would he disable comments?).  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV5Ez4cuhxE  officialiphoneunlock.co.uk/

icloud unlock scam legit or not

The only legitimate way that I know which the iPhone or iPad or iPad can be iCloud bypassed is to actually replace the board itself  or go to Apple Store and bring receipt proof you own it so a Genius Bar geek can assist you with bypassing it. A lot of cell phone shops will tell you the same thing.  Samsung on the other hand is better if you are trying to bypass reactivation lock.  When it comes to the Samsung Reactivation lock which is similar to iCloud–there is a box that costs around $700 that Cell Phone shops use to bypass the reactivation lock.  If there is a real way to bypass iCloud, it would be free, because the best things in life are free and you never see real Jailbreaks being sold do you?

Keep in mind that with each new iOS that apple releases ( currently iOS9 ) jailbreaks will be harder and harder to achieve and so will be finding ways to bypass iCloud.

iCloud Activation bypass unlock

Just look at the below review of an unhappy customer of officialiphoneunlock.co.uk and I bet you anything the owners of officialiphoneunlock.co.uk won’t be happy about me publishing this article.

Just a word of caution;I was looking to unlock my iPhone and saw a website promoting those bastards. Had more then 500 comments saying it works. Went to officialiphoneunlock.co.uk and they had unlock available for my carrier (SoftBank Japan). Went for more information and I saw the Facebook page with more than 5k likes. I thought it was enough information to trust them.

WRONG! Later I realized practically ALL “happy customers” are dummy accounts. Even here this MoFo is promoting his services and creating those dummy accounts to defend his scam.
In his Facebook page, the same. A bunch of dummy accounts. Just check most of the replies saying “oh, I had to wait a week and was angry but later I got my device unlocked. You guys rock!”. Yesterday I saw some angry woman complaining she waited more than 45 days and no response from them. Today there’s no message (so they delete bad comments).