If you’re like me, you’re always looking for cool new wallpapers for your phone. Your tastes change radically, and you always want the most choice at your fingertips! Well…. Here’s 5 sites I use to find wallpapers!


  1. Tapdeck (Android)

Tapdeck is pretty killer. It allows you to not only get REALLY cool wallpapers for your phone, but you  can always switch on the go with a simple double tap. (I sometimes find myself changing wallpapers on accident)


2. Everpix (iOS)

With wallpapers added every day, always HD, and 14 expansive categories, Everpix is one of my favorite picks for the iOS devices.


3. Meter (Android)

Meter is a REALLY cool idea. Not only does it tilt and turn as you tilt and turn your phone,  but it’s actually a live wallpaper of your battery level, wireless signal, or notifications! Through a visualization that changes every time you unlock your phone, you can keep up to date with the information needed most.


4.  Icon Skins (iOS)

This app is pretty cool. Original wallpapers designed by random users, optimized for iOS. Pick any from the list, updated weekly. There’s also a really cool blur effect as well.


5. 500 Firepaper (Android)

So this app is pretty cool too. Unique images from 500 pixels. HD photos, user-set interval changes, and I mean come on, HD pics. What more could you want?