OpenCart vs CubeCart

Are you looking to start an online store, but don’t know which free open source shopping cart E-commerce platform to go with?  After you read what I have to say below, I am sure you will go with CubeCart.

CubeCart vs OpenCart which is better

The main advantage of CubeCart over OpenCart is that it is more user friendly.  You can navigate better and change things without having to dig deep into Modules.  You can even easily increase the amount of products listed in front page featured without getting a headache.  With OpenCart–it took me days just to figure out how to increase products displayed on front page.

Once you try CubeCart, you will not go back.  I guarantee you!  CubeCart also has a nice modern look and is great for clothing stores.  You can even configure CubeCart to receive mail via SMTP.   CubeCart also gives you option to add your own coupons for people to use.

In terms of modern design, CubeCart appears visually better and very responsive and looks better on smartphones than OpenCart. The main slideshow that CubeCart uses is better than the one OpenCart uses.  Adding products in CubeCart is simple, but make sure to update stock number from the default 0 or else the product will show up as out of stock on main front page.  The beautiful thing about CubeCart is that you can also easily add product options like Sizes and Colors. Good luck trying to figure out how to add product options in OpenCart.

If you want to find out more about OpenCart, you can read a positive review about it here but I would not at all recommend OpenCart.  The thing that annoyed me the most about OpenCart is the expired sessions when I use other tabs and try to open Admin page.