There is something funny going on with newer year Hyundai cars.  Trunk opening automatically by itself in year 2013, 2014, 2015  year cars.  Elantra, Sonata and even the Kia cars like the Optima (Kia is Hyundai owned btw).

It normally happens to me once a month, and most recently it happened while I sat down for a cup of Chai at Corner Coffee in Minneapolis.  I looked to me left at my 2015 Elantra, and was like what in the… the trunk just opening by itself again.  In the past, I thought stuff in my pocket may be pushing against the trunk button, but this time there was nothing else in my jacket pocket except the keys.

I have a strong feeling that the problem is not inside the car itself,  the problem is most likely coming from the key-chain transmitter.   The reason why I think it is the transmitter is–because this issue never happened when I worked at a corporate building from May until October.  The trunk never once opened itself during the time I was working, but it opened itself when I was nearby at places like Starbucks.

The corporate building I worked at had 8 floors and I had to walk a good distance to get to place I work, and this gave me the clue that it must be the transmitter because the transmitter isn’t close enough to make the trunk open by itself.  The transmitter must be malfunctioning.  A lot of people who are complaining about this problem on websites like are reporting that dealerships cannot replicate the issue.  I will soon just leave the transmitter at home and see if the issue ever returns.  I believe the key fob is glitchy.  Or some other interference is causing it to open trunk automatically.

Hyundai Key Fob issue