Lmgtfy.com is a popular site and it seems Lmgtfy.com has about 94,273 daily visitors.  Here are some alternatives to lmgtfy.com

Let Me Reddit That For You! lmrtfy

I bet you this one was made by a Redditor.  http://www.lmrtfy.com is a great because Reddit is the internet front page after all.   I found out about this one to see if it actually existed because I wanted to start my own clone of LMGTFY, and I thought no one took a Reddit version yet.  To my surprise someone already launched it.

Let Me Bing That For You!

Let Me Bing That For You

Not as popular as the Google version but this one is still worth mentioning.

There are a few others that I didn’t include on here because they had the F word.    If you come across any others, feel free to mention in comments below.