1. How to search words on Mobile Safari:

To search a specific phrase or word on a website simple tap on the URL bar of the navigator and type the phrase or word you want to search. A new section will appear of the bottom of Google Search with the name of “On This Page” showing the number of much of words found .
Tap on the result below “On This Page”
and now you can search a word or phrase on the website you browsing as you would on a computer.

2. How to Set-Up Credit Card Autofill Information:

Apple on iOS 9 have made easier to users to use their Credit Card to Shop on websites.


To use this feature just go to Settings > Safari> AutoFill > Save Credit Cards > Add Credit Card. You can take a photo of the credit card you want to save or enter the information manually.

Now that you have successfully save your credit card, every time you going to purchase something online the option of “AutoFill Credit Card” will appear above the keyboard and fill the card information for you.


3. Turn Off Wi-Fi Assist:

Wi-Fi assist is to automatically switch the device from Wi-Fi to Cellular Connection when your phone detects your Wi-Fi is Low. But it could be wasting your data plan. To turn off Wi-Fi assist go to Settings> Cellular> Switch off Wi-Fi Assist.

4.Use your iDevice as a Level:

If you enter to the Compass App and swipe to the right you will have the level utility. The leveling tool uses the phone’s gyroscope to help you level objects perfectly horizontal or vertical.

5. AirDrop – Share Photos faster:

Apple include a great feature named AirDrop to share Photos with other iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iMac connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.