Windows 10 tips tutorial

Windows 10 is amazing and far better than Windows 8 (Also want to mention that it is far less annoying than Windows 8 and 8.1).

If you want to quickly see your desktop in Windows 10–all you have to do is press Win key and letter D on keyboard (WIN+D).  This pic below is the only thing that best describes Windows 8 and Windows 8.1–At least Windows 10 is very close to replacing Windows 7 in best operating system ever!

Windows 8 annoyances, Windows 10 relief

Difference between Alt plus Tab and Win plus Tab!

ALT+TAB: Displays windows opened on ALL your desktops!
WIN+TAB: Displays windows opened ONLY on your CURRENT desktop and list of your desktops.

Windows 10 desktop switch

Resetting your password or removing an email address in Windows 10!

Start > Settings > Account > Sign-In Options is where you can find options for setting a pin or changing your password.  Start > Settings > Account > is where you can remove your Microsoft account or sign in a with a Microsoft account.  It sucks Microsoft didn’t give the option to sign in with a Google or Facebook account.

Windows 10 zoomed in too much!

If your Chrome or Internet Explorer (Edge Browser) or Firefox is zoomed in too much, you can zoom out by either holding CTRL and scrolling mouse wheel towards you-or you can hold CTRL and press the Minus or Plus key. Speaking of Microsoft Edge Browser–I hear it unexpectedly reloads pages, so you may want to go with Chrome.

If your entire Windows and all apps are zoomed in–that most likely means video card drivers have not been loaded yet and you don’t have full resolution.  You can fix this by right clicking desktop then > display settings > Advanced display settings and then changing resolution there, choose the option that says “recommended” when selecting resolution.  If you end up choosing wrong resolution and you see your screen go black–don’t panic, just hit escape key or just wait 10 seconds and it will revert back to the way it was before you changed it.

Windows 10 fix resolution

Different ways of taking a screenshot in Windows 10!

Just tap Print Screen on your keyboard and Windows 10 will save the screen capture to Clipboard.  You can then go to and paste it there, then download it or you can just use Paint or any other image program on Windows to paste the image and edit.

Another way you to take a screen capture is to  Hit Alt + Print Screen and that will just capture the current active window.  Apple OSX can also capture things like current Window or entire screen.

Limited Wifi issues in Windows 10!

If you connect to a Wifi signal and you see an explanation mark–don’t panic.  It just means that you may have to sign in to a captive portal.  If Windows 10 gives you the option of either opening a web page to complete the Sign-In or to enter a username and password for the Wifi login, make sure you choose the “Open web page option” It will take you to a captive portal like a Starbucks “I agree” page.   After you hit the “I Agree”, you should go online and no longer see the exclamation mark.

If you are experiencing a Wifi connection that is dropping and reconnecting–You may need to update your Wireless adapter drivers from the official manufacturer website. The drivers that Windows 10 loads by default may not be the official updated drivers which is why it is a good idea to visit the drivers page of your Manufacturer.  Power cycling your router or cable modem may also fix Wifi and Ethernet issues.  And finally, power draining your own laptop or desktop by removing power chord, then removing battery and hitting power button a few times may also make a big difference in fixing various issues.