If you are looking to convert VCE to PDF for free and are not having any luck–I got good news for you.  You won’t have to convert the VCE to PDF, you can simply use a nice new tool called Vceviewer.com is a free online service that allows you to view 80% of the VCE exam online.    All you need to do is register free of charge by emailing [email protected] and writing “registration” in subject line.   If you don’t want to register and just sample, you can still upload a .VCE file an see the first 5 questions.

VCE view online free, convert VCE to PDF

The reason I prefer this over converting a VCE to .PDF is because I can hit next to see the next question whereas a PDF would suck because I would have to continuously scroll down.  One downside to this nice online tool is that you can’t select question numbers and jump to questions.  You just have to keep hitting “Next” and “Prev”.

It is a wise idea to watch videos and read study guides.  I don’t recommend VCE by itself as a way to pass a test.  I myself am currently studying for ITIL V3 Foundation and CCNA.  Whoever came out with this online tool is a genius because I have not seen a tool like it.

Vceviewer.com is built with responsive design in mind which means you can comfortably view it from your iPhone iPad or a Samsung/Android phone.