You may have started a new business and launched a website but need Terms of Conditions—or you may have decided to start a new website for your existing business and are looking for an easy quick way to get Terms and Conditions.

Terms and conditions generator free

Whatever your reason is–I want to recommend to you Terms and Conditions Template which is a nice online service that makes it easy for you to enter your business name and address and it will do the rest.  It will ensure your name appears at the right places throughout the full Terms and Conditions.  I myself have used it to generate terms conditions for an online shop of a business owner that I setup an OpenCart site for, and it looks great.

If you are looking for a tool that can generate privacy policy for free,  I would recommend Privacy Police Online.  visit 

Keep in mind that the Terms and Conditions template generator generates a generic Terms and Conditions template for websites and it may not cover the specific needs for your website. We advise you consult a legal entity to create a Terms and Conditions page that would cover the specifics of your business.