So my relatives Galaxy Note 4 decided not to charge and the only way she was able to get it to charge was by completely turning it off and even then it still charged slow, so slow that she had to keep it in the charger all night and it only filled up a little bit.

We tried multiple original chargers so I ruled out a USB charger issue.  The battery looked fine with no bubbles on the outside.  The only thing I can think of that is causing the issue is-either a software glitch or corruption or the charger port itself maybe messed up.  I tried another Galaxy Note 4 battery and it charged just fine.

Note 4 battery problems issues fix

Here are steps I took to solve the issue.

  1.  I took out the battery and while the battery was out I waved the phone around in the air so it can cool down, and I also pressed the power button 10 times while the battery was out (this is called a power drain and it fixes a lot of electronic devices, and not just phones).
  2. I cleared Dalvik and regular Cache inside the recovery.  After I cleared the Dalvik Cache and Cache–I let the “android is upgrading apps” message go away, but phone shut off the moment it got to Touchwhiz because battery was still pretty much dead.
  3. I then blew air around in the charger port just in case any dirt might be in there.  After this I let the phone charge over night to full and next day it had no issues charging while it is in the Touchwhiz operating system.

This is why I love a phone that I myself can remove battery (unlike the Note 5 which has a battery that is not removable).  See my previous post on why I reverted back to Note 4.    This advice of mine should also work for the Note 4 Edge.