Since Valve started doing their huge sales, there have always been daily deals, with and without votes. But no more! NO MORE GABEN SAYS!

From here on out, games will remain at their sale price throughout the sale period. I for one, am excited for this change. With days where I can barely get into my computer chair to read my important emails, to days where I don’t even touch my desktop at all, finding time to check Steam sales became all but nonexistent. Granted, it makes those days when you get up/around to it and check to see that one game you REALLY wanted FINALLY on sale all the less exciting, I feel that this is a great change. No more missing out on a great sale because you didn’t check steam that day, no more regretting not getting that game on it’s select day because it might drop further later on in the week, it’s just a set sale price for the duration.

I personally foresee larger sale pools for titles. Meaning more money for the publisher and developers and less pandering and waiting around for a lower price. We shall see.