So this is a new small series from me that comes with the addition of the Gaming category here on TechLightSpeed. I’ve titled it Should You Care…? And all that it really is can simply be summed up in a few words.


Should You Care is a series of opinion based pieces based around video games new and old, letting you know my opinions and whether or not you should care enough to emulate/buy/rent/sell the game. I’m not professing to be the BEST reviewer/commentator, but I do have my opinions and I will share them. I will do my best to include footage from the game natively captured from my plethora of games/systems. I do have the tools to do so, and I thought this would be a great way to get use out of them while not streaming/Youtube’ing, letting them gather dust.

The first game I will cover will be…. <insert link to Super Mystery Dungeon>