Hello Everybody My Name is Jammy and today I will be writing my opinion on the future of minecraft. As you all know the company that created Minecraft, Mojang, was brought by Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars. If you are not  up to speed on the situation, then go and check out “Alex The Wonder Spud”‘s review Minecrosoft – Microsoft to buy Minecraft. Since Alex’s article, Microsoft has finalized the deal. Minecraft is now theirs but I have now begin to question the the lifespan for then game. You all know that Minecraft was created by Mr Markus “Notch” Persson way back in 2009 and has been a massive hit with PC gamers all over the world. Granted the Microsoft have shown they can keep things alive, e.g. The Xbox (how that console is still alive I do not know). I honestly believe that Minecraft under the rule of Microsoft will slowly die out if they do not bring out some really cool and awesome updates. I mean, it took Mojang 11 months to bring out 1.8. so beat that Microsoft. I also believe that the updates for the playstation will stop as well, because lets face it, Sony and Microsoft don’t exactly have the worlds best relationship. In all honesty Mojang shouldn’t of allowed themselves to be brought by another company. they could have easily  kept going. Still, 2.5 billion dollars? that’s a very nice price…with that money I could move out, learn to drive and achieve my dream of finally having a BIG family. I could so much. What would you do with that INSANE amount of money?