Here is a list of more than 10 weird, wacky and just bizarre websites (a continuation of my techlivewire post).

Weirdest websites Weirdest websites

Bill Gates and Gabe Newell made a website together.

Send this website link to everyone you hate.


Duck jokes are not funny. What the duck…

Like mangos? Today is your lucky day.

Ironically, if you’re using a PC or Mac, you can actually tweet this. Pretty easily, too.

Slap a guy in the face with an eel. Sounds good to me. Bookmarked.

The most annoying and irritating game of chess you will ever have.

Don’t visit this website when you’re high.

Red, green and blue are the only colours you will ever need and can form every single colour we know of.

Bees! Bees! Seriously though, where are the wasps? They’re the real threat.

Alan Partridge dances to Daft Punk again and again and again…

Weirdest websites on the net

Got blue balls? This website will help you out.

Doug the Pug.

Literally does what it says in the URL.

Whoever invented this website has some serious issues.

Toads will take over the world. This is it for all of us. If we cannot defeat them, we must accept it. All hail the toads!

Weirdest websites on the net bizarre

If you think this website isn’t about koalas, think again.

This little guy will be terrified unless your cursor is near him.

It’s a tree blossoming… How pretty…

Ever wanted to flex like a ninja? Let this website teach you how!

The Large Hadron Collider or LHC for short is the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider. It’s the most complex experimental facility ever built. Has it destroyed the world yet? According to this website, nope.

Wobble the Japanese flag around like jelly.

This is seriously one of the best website on the list. Who in the hell made this? It’s actually superb.

This really hurts my eyes.  If you want to see more odd sites, go visit the Useless web which allows you to be taken to a random useless or weird website

Weirdest websites

Here is a Weird pinterest board in case you are interested.