You may have encountered Odin failing the moment you click the start button.  Do not worry, this error has nothing to do with “Write Protection: Enable“.  This just means the USB chord you are using is bad.  The original one would be ideal to use with Odin but any other USB Chord should work.  I think the reason Odin fails with some USB chords is due to the data transfer rate of those chords.  Maybe Odin has a built in mechanism that prevents it from flashing any phone if data transfer rate is too slow to prevent unfinished flashes, this is a safe guard to prevent your device from bricking. Another issue you may have noticed with Odin is fail auth when trying to flash a stock rom or a tar/md5 file to root your device.  I have tested 2 different stock roms and 1 experienced a fail but other one flashed just fine.  The one that flashed fine was the newer rom while the older rom would not flash.  I think the reason the older one would not flash was due to Samsung not allowing a downgrade.  I am guessing but if I find out for sure I will update this article. Odin flash failed error auth