I reviewed the Virtual Vocations site and I haven’t actually signed up but I just cannot trust a site that takes payment from me just so that I can apply for a job.  If those work at home jobs were really legitimate, they can simply charge the employer a hiring fee to hire you or they can charge a job listing fee to the employer.  Charging the applicant makes zero sense and is more like a scam to me.   Virtual Vocations If you are really serious about real work at home jobs then you should see my other article on Companies that have work at home positions.  Delta isn’t on that list but I will soon add it as Delta is hiring for work at home reservation agents.   http://www.techlivewire.com/4812/at-home-remote-jobs-with-companies-like-dell.html Back to the topic of Virtual Vocations and if they are legitimate or not.  I believe they are not legitimate at all.  One of the things that I have noticed that doesn’t make Virtual Vocations look good is that they only have 63 followers with 81,000+ views to their Google Plus page and that is not a good thing.  My own personal Google Plus page shows 26,000 views but over 300 followers and new followers always arriving.  When I read the Complaintsboard.com about Virtual Vocation, I noticed that there were more bad things being said about them than good things.  Here is one bad thing that an employer said.

I am an employer who has posted my job on Craigslist, this company has taken our ad with out permission and posted it and withheld vital information for applicants. Please do not spend your money on this website, and if you have ask them for it back, if they will not give it to you report them as fraud to your banking institution!!

This is a website built by people who only want your money, not to help you actually find a job. Please re-consider paying for this website