The referees, you know, those people who are always booed by the fans, well, for the world cup this year that just kicked off in Brazil, referees have recieved high-tech “smartwatches” to help watch the goal line. 0611_goal_control_970-630x420 FIFA has been discussing goal-line technology since the months following the 2010 World Cup because that tournament saw England denied a goal in a match against Germany even though the ball had obviously crossed the goal line. FIFA were testing and playing around with this technology and it was approved in 2012. And now, finally, it is in use. The device can be used only to determine if the ball has crossed the line, and referees must be notified within one second. Only match officials can receive these scoring notifications. 0611_goal_control_inline01_630 Not only are their high-tech stopwatches in use for the referees, but cameras have also been placed around. The smartwatches used in Brazil are made by a German company called GoalControl, which installs 14 cameras that track the ball around the pitch. It was first used in the FIFA Confederations Cup last year, a tournament that passed without goal-line controversy.