Kit Kat is a big step up from android 4.3.  Kit Kat android was made to be compatible with more devices that previous android versions couldn’t support.  Here are some new features Android 4.4.2 brings. kit kat android 4.4 whats new features 1.  The Immersive display feature KitKat comes with hides everything while reading or watching a movie. If you want to get back the status bar and navigation buttons simply swipe the edge. 2.  KitKat is designed to run on devices with low memory and so it can support low end devices.  The memory improvements that KitKat brings is designed to make multi-tasking smoother as well.  

Top Ten Features

  • User interface tweaks
  • New dialer, caller ID
  • Unified Hangouts messaging app
  • Smarter Google Now integration
  • Better support for cloud printing
  • Chrome WebView
  • Step detector, counter
  • Enhanced support for connectivity options
  • Better accessibility options
  • Screen recording