White PS4 destiny Sony’s PlayStation 4, which only came in black, will be available in white later this year. When Destiny first appears on the PlayStation 4 on September 9 it will be available both as a standalone game, and in a special bundle with an exclusive “glacier white” console.

Sony kicked off its press conference at the E3 gaming conference on Monday showing the new Bungie-developed game Destiny. The title, which will be available on the PlayStation 4 first and hit store shelves in the fall, is part of a white PlayStation 4 bundle.

The bundle, which will launch on September 9, includes a white PlayStation 4, a white PlayStation 4 controller featuring a black front touch pad, and a 30-day trial to Sony’s online service network, PlayStation Plus.

According to Joystiq Sony sent along further information on the bundle, which will cost $449 (439 euros). Alternatively, European buyers can pick up the glacier white PS4 alone for 339 euros. Glacier white and “urban camouflage” versions of the DualShock 4 controller will be available for $59 (59 euros).