This is a good step forward in charging technology, and will make it easier to keep your devices charged up on the go.  People will certainly enjoy charging their laptop without long chords. Manufactures still have to pick from three disparate charging standards before shipping a device, leaving any product without specific internals to brave a fragmented landscape. A4WP member Lenovo seems optimistic, at least, stating that the new Rezence standard the solution that “best meets [their] customers’ needs.” laptop tablet wireless charging Wireless charging is a technology often reserved for smaller devices — smartphones, watches and electronic toothbrushes — but that’s about to change. The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) just updated its Rezence charging standard to support laptops, tablets and devices requiring up to 50 watts. “Logitech makes consumer electronics that span the power gamut, including computer and mobile accessories, gaming and music products,” said Marcel Stolk, senior vice president, Logitech, in a statement. “Having a universal wireless charging solution that is both flexible and scalable is important as consumers buy more devices that require charging. Rezence is the logical fit to enable us to deliver a superior customer experience.”