South Park the stick of the truth review South Park Stick Of Truth is a game that ain’t for the fainted hearted. there is a few scenes where you think what the hell, or why the hell am I playing this and somethings in real life you will never be able to look at again. South Park Stick Of Truth is game that reminds me so much of Skyrim, it is unbelievable. Instead of shouting at people (which is funny when you can make them go flying), you fart at them which is all well and good but it doesn’t make you laugh as much as it should. The graphics are okay but i feel they could be better. Especially when you get to Canada, It is something something else. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s idea for the interactive map was a brilliant idea as it give you a better insight to Colorado’s quiet little mountain town. With this feature, I spent my first few hours exploring every little bit of the map from your character’s bedroom to stark lake. With the help of the map, you can also visit your friends house and get a better in look to their life but be careful when you visit Cartman’s house, you may or may not like what you find. There is a few points of this game i didn’t like. For instance, you can only make a guy character. you can make it look like a girl but its not the same.  The game can also crash when saving and it can send you right back to the beginning, which is a bit of pain. The last point I want to make is in the tutorial if you kill the guy before your meant to then you are screwed, you have to restart the game. Over all I have enjoyed this game very much, and the 14 hours I put into this game was well worth it.  I highly recommend that you play this game.