aplus certification exam pass If you do pass the 802, 801 or both test. You should consider also taking the easy online Lean Six Sigma certification online. Mountain Home Training is offering it for free at http://www.mhc-net.com. I thought failing my A+ 802 exam was the end but I used my printout of my fail score plus my six sigma Yellow belt certification to apply for jobs and I got some offers.  My score was very close to the passing score of 700.  I got a score of 629.  I have enough knowledge to do things related to the job due to my score being near passing score.  When some employers actually post jobs, they put “A+ preferred”, which gave me an idea to just apply with my exam results letter and that showed some employers I actually knew a lot. When I get another paycheck I will again attempt it and when I do pass I will study for Network+ and then Security+.  Security+ tends to attract jobs that pay very high like over 40 dollars an hour. The good thing about the printout I got with my A+ 802 attempt score is that it showed the areas where I got questions wrong and just by reading the description of those areas I knew exactly which questions I answered wrong.  Thing that sucked about the exam is that most questions had 2 answers that were best answers for that question and it was very hard to decide.  The exam also has 5 simulation questions that test you in actually doing the tasks like typing in the commands to fix boot records or using Windows 7 control panel to do something. Comptia designa their tests to fail people so they can pay another 100$+. Proof of this is how they keep repeating similar questions but twist them to catch you off guard. They showed me at least 5 raid questiins which were obviously similar and totally unnecessary. They also showed a drag and drop the matching operating system to its feature, just like those kids game of drag and match stuff to their meanings.   And finally, you should consider studying for the CCENT exam since the 801 portion of the A plus test deals with lota of subnetting and IP address/networking stuff. People who get Cisco certifications such as CCENT or higher tend to earn way more than A plus certified people. Read Best I.T. Certifications to have