bitcoin mining malware android Google yanked 2 android apps that were sucking battery and using android device CPU and Graphics units to mine for Bitcoin behind the background.  Wow is this how desperate some people have become to get bitcoins?  Do they have to resort to hijacking peoples devices to mine for virtual currency? Researchers have found two popular apps in Google Play that surreptitiously mine several cryptocurrencies for their makers, potentially over-heating devices and shortening their lifespan. It’s not so surprising to hear of new malware for Android these days, especially when it comes to non-Google app stores, but it appears some of it is now sneaking onto Google’s own Play store. Mobile threat analyst Veo Zhang this week discovered two free Android apps on Google Play, called Songs and Prized, which display the same behaviour as a new family of coin-mining malware found on third-party app stores. The malware in question has been designed to turn Android devices into miners for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin.