Ralink Belkin N150 usb adaptor kext OSX Mavericks Here is a working Kext for the Belkin N150 USB Wifi dongle that Best Buy and many other places sell working just fine on my Asus S400C Hackintosh.  It works perfectly on Mavericks with the kext provided at below link.  The only downside is that you have to use the utility the installer installs to connect to Wifi.  If you want it to automatically remember and connect to a frequent Wifi spot, you gotta add a new profile for that Wifi spot.  This dongle isn’t officially supported on OSX by Belkin, but since it is based on Ralink, this driver will support it. A lot of Ralink stuff works well with OSX and a lot of the Atheros stuff doesn’t work well with OSX. ralink USB BELKIN N150 kext driver mac osx mavericks


Wlan_11n_USB_(Intel)MacOS10.5_Driver_1075_UI_1.7.8 Zip will say it is for 10.5 but it works just fine on OSX Mavericks.