So through my stumblings online, I’ve come across some interesting things this week. One of the weirdest? LED implants.

The recent craze of biohacking, or DIY biology, infuses technology with the human body. Literally. Tim Cannon, one of the more well-known biohackers, was recently featured all across the internet for installing a Circadia subdermal implant in his forearm. Rather crazy to be done without anesthesia, but he seems fine.


The¬†folks at Grindhouse Wetware have released the Northstar V1. It contains several LEDs that turn on when a magnet is passed above them that illuminates the skin around it. Spooky…


The original idea came from tattoo recipients who wanted away to backlight their tattoos and indeed, most biohackers are people who love tattoos.

I’m not saying that having glowing skin isn’t cool or amazing, I simply don’t understand the appeal of having it done by someone who isn’t a surgeon, when you don’t know the risks, or even care what the effects COULD be.

Granted, the whole ability of being able to track vital signs, and possibly one day, blood pressure and blood sugar levels via the chip, isn’t an amazing process. I’m just personally uncomfortable with the idea of having a chip that could possibly be hacked by someone and my information be used against me somehow. (Granted that’s an absolute worst case scenario and there’d have to be some value to my information, which there isn’t, just simply saying)

All in all, I think the idea of backlighting a tattoo, or even GETTING a tattoo with the idea of backlighting it is really cool, I’m not sure where I stand with implanting an LED device in your arm.