Good news is that root is achievable for the T-Mobile variant and some other variants of these phones, but not for the AT&T and Verizon versions.  I occasionally monitor updates on the XDA forums on status of root and a lot of devices still don’t have roots.  The person who discovers root for the ones with the bounties will be lucky because the bounties are very high now.

Root Note 5, Sprint, T-Mobile, At&t

With the T-Mobile versions of the Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus version, one just needs to OEM unlock bootloader from developer options, and then simple Odin flash a modified stock kernel to get root that autoroots the phone.  The latest Knox actually prevents root attemts in Verizon and At&t so the person can still boot up their phones even after a failed root attempt.  I believe the main reason why AT&T and Verizon lock their bootloaders and make it impossible for roots to be achieved, is because they like people to keep the bloatware on the devices– they also like to prevent unlimited tethering via Root.  Companies pay Verizon and AT&T to load up bloatware.

When you achieve root on these phones, you pretty much can’t install a custom rom except for a Touchwhiz rom because Cyanogenmod hasn’t started work on pure android for latest Samsung phones including the S6 due to the Exynos processor source code not being freely available.  Keep in mind you void warranty when you root because Knox will be tripped.

Note 5

For the T-Mobile Note 5, visit below XDA link for the full guide on rooting and also custom roms.

Here is a quick guide but it is better for you to view the full guide so you can fully understand everything.  There is a Kernel that roots but causes calls to disconnects after a minute or so, and I believe that issue has been fixed since then but if that Kernel happens to be the Below Noble Kernel–you can still install the Arter Kernel.  There are multiple kernels that give you root so you are not stuck to just Noble Kernel.

S6 Edge Plus

XDA member g.lewarne posted his Autorooting Kernel

Flash in ODIN

Models supported 928 F/I/C/L/K/S >>>

928 T/W8 >>>

Disclaimer: You the user are responsible for anything that happens from attempting root.

If you are looking to uo unlock the S6, S6 EDGE, S6 EDGE +, Note 5 T-Mobile and Sprint versions. Visit the below link.