I managed to get 92 without using any Save Me’s. Here is my screenshot of my high score on my Galaxy S4. The trick to getting high scores with this game is to take your mind off of it, I found that while I think about other stuff during gameplay I actually play better compared to when I actually focus on the game itself.  I got a score of 92 while in bed playing the game.  I am so obsessed with this game that I made my own clone which you can find on the Playstore and soon iOS.  You can download it from here for your android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mycompany.flyingfairy  it is a Fairy instead of a bird. highest flappy birds score Osman Musa You don’t really need any cheats in this game, but you need patience and right timing. Most people end up loosing when they try and drop down fast to avoid a pipe but don’t end up recovering back. They also loose when they tap too fast and end up hitting top pipe.  Another thing that may help you get high scores is if you view the platform as moving and not the bird itself,   the birds forward flight is just an illusion.  It is really the tree stumps that are moving toward the bird so what I do is I just look ahead to see which tree stumps are coming at the bird. Another secret to getting a high score is to not tap too fast, just tap at a rhythm. Only time you need to tap fast is if your about to hit a pipe and you need to gain height fast. Share your high scores in comments below.  And finally whatever you do, “DON’T BE NERVOUS”.  When people get nervous is when they start loosing.  Just be calm and let it flow easily.