Memorize world maps A lot of the world countries in pretty much all continents tend to end with IA like for example Bolivia, Columbia, Algeria etc.  This makes a lot of countries easier to memorize.  Most people find it easy to remember the countries that end with Stan such as Pakistan Tajikstan etc.  It has been a long time since I took history but I recall those countries were influenced by Russia or something.  I know for sure Kazakhstan was influenced by Russia or the previous USSR.   Here are some things you can do to memorize World countries. A thing I do to help me memorize stuff is to repeat the words over and over again throughout the day.  Or the act of writing the words themselves actually help you burn it to memory.  The trick in medical school that students use is to write stuff down over and over again and it helps go into memory permanently. Print several blank world maps from the internet and label them yourself with the help of your world map or globe. Use color and be creative. Then, repeat the exercise from memory. Write lists of countries by continent and use memory devices such as mnemonics, acronyms and peg words to help memorise them. This will also assist proper spelling. Use online resources to test and reinforce your knowledge such as the geography quizzes at websites offering such quizzes. Watch or listen to the news and read quality newspapers. If you are aware of what is happening in a country, you will find it easier to remember where the country is. Practice makes perfect! So keep practising and learning from your mistakes.