You should steer far clear of Incapsula as a CDN provider.  They will literally screw you up and your domain will literally be in their hands.  It has been 2 days and I can’t still get my domain away from their horrible service. They still cling to it and my site won’t load at all despite having nameservers pointed to my host and deleting my domain name from Incapsula control panel.  When I do a whois lookup, it shows their name instead of my hosts.    My sites kept having downtime because of Incapsula and when I took one of my other sites off of Incapsula, I no longer noticed any downtime.  They claim to give you better reliability and speed but you are better off just using your own caching plugin on your own hosting server.  Namecheap is my domain registrar and new nameservers for my new host have been pointing for the past 2 weeks so it makes 0 sense how Incapsula can still cling to my domain name like this.